Thursday, January 05, 2006

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If you are reading this , then welcome to my blog. I am not sure what(if anything) will come of this but it is something that has been suggested for me to look into doing. I am only a couple of minutes in and I get the feeling this could become addicting...This is my very first post and I can't help sitting here thinking that I am just pretty much talking to myself for all intents and purposes. As a 37 year old male I cant help laugh at the way things have gone. I have always been one to talk to myself .......One way or another damnit I HAD to find someone that agrees with me at least SOMETIMES!

I can remember a time as a young boy in the late 70's/early 80's when I would catch myself talking to myself and think to some degree that man I was looooony .

Then around the late 80's early 90's I revised my thinking because people (or maybe it wasn't REALLY people but just me) said: "it is okay to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer".

With the new millennium I once again revised my thinking and joked......Okay Rob, it is okay to talk to yourself,,,,hell you can even ANSWER yourself,,,,but if you ever start to interrupt yourself Promise me/us that you will order the fancy white jacket with the buckles in the back yourself!

fast forward to today(January 5th 2006) and fortunately I still don't interrupt myself (well okay not often at least)but here I am as I type this and I can't help laughing and thinking,,,,'yep I have found a new way to talk to myself. I guess that has to be labeled as 'progress' LOL......

Speaking of progress I have decided to change the name of my blog from Brilliantdonkey to BriliantDonkey with only one L. Sorry, but the irony of misspelling the word brilliant is just too much to be able to pass up. If you would like to keep visiting my blog you can find it here( or click in the link that I am about to add on the left. That is about it for now. It is 3 am and if i don't get to bed soon i will have to change the name yet again. This time to something like 'ohshitimgonna hate myself in the morning' blog.

Till next time if there is a next time, take it easy,




Blogger georgiegrrl said...

hmmm, here am I commenting on something 8 months old! But I have to for 2 reasons; because misspelling "brilliant" reminds me of my favorite example of how I often can't find a word I'm looking for. One time I just had to laugh when the word I couldn't find turned out to be "vocabulary". The other reason is, talking to yourself, answering yourself and even interrupting yourself is allright. I'm hoping it's actually healthy! It's when you're verbally arguing with yourself (yes, both sides) in public that it might be worth worrying about. One more reason I wanted to respond - I love your name! I have a few brilliant donkeys in my life who are aggravating and lovable... oddly enough they're the ones who talk to themselves!

5:44 PM  
Blogger briliantdonkey said...

thanks for visiting Georgiegrrl. I have no idea how long ago you left this message but this is the first time I have checked this blog in months. I moved it to and have been going from there ever since. on another note, rut roh,,,,,arguing with myself is a bad thing? errrrrrr I mean WOULD be considered a bad thing IF i were to ever do it?


10:18 PM  
Blogger heather said...

ink?? LMAO, ~now~ maybe you can call me stalker! how did i manage to miss this all those months ago when i first started reading your stuff? this is the second time this week i've seen someone else using this template. i hadn't up till now. must be i just never checked your profile.
btw today is 5/7/07 :-)

1:59 PM  

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